Inline Booths - $150 (Limited Time)

Corner Booth - $250 (Limited Time)

Concourse Booth -$150 (Limited Time)

Inline/Concourse booths come with:

(1)10x10 booth space


(1)Table Skirt


(2)Vendor Badges

Corner Booths come with:

(1)10x10 booth space


(2)Table Skirt


(2)Vendor Badges


It’s well known that trade shows DO work regardless of the show’s attendance. In an economy where every penny spent needs to be carefully examined, conventions still rate among the highest forms of marketing and brand awareness in a one-to-one setting. The word “alien” is one of the most searched words in google and that’s huge! AlienXPO will bring to Knoxville all the research and developments into the extraterrestrial phenomena that millions of people find so fascinating. It’s being promoted heavily through social media, newspaper, radio, podcasts and then television as the event nears. To take advantage of this opportunity please fill out the application below. We will review your application within 24hrs and contact you once approved. Thank You and hope to see you at AlienXPO!


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