Confessions of a Cover-Up

Philip J. Corso


In the year 1997 a new and revealing book was published for the first time. The title of the book was The Day After Roswell written by Philip Corso. The book detailed the experiences through Corso’s work on high level black projects during his military career.


Plenty of people still don’t know to this day whether or not these experiences were truthful, but the mystery hasn’t been turned off. Since the day that this book came out it has been talked about, referred to, thought about, etc. You can really say that people haven’t been able to forget about this incredible phenomenon he speaks of in the book. 


Corso narrated that he was in a very secret program in which he had to investigate the alien technology that the military had which was extremely advanced and far beyond anything our government had conceived before.


The US government found new details that revealed mysterious factors that people never knew before related to aliens. He confirmed that a great deal was recovered at the crash site in Roswell including bodies of some kind.


People have been so excited about this book and the information contained in it that some have made up things that he said. People have said that he mentioned that the bodies found were extraterrestrial, when, in reality, he never said that they were. 


If you choose to listen to what others say Corso said in the book, you’re bound to find many facts wrong. For some reason it seems that others have taken delight in making up the details as he stated them in the book. In case you’re interested in reading the book and knowing what exactly happened to him you should read the story yourself because people are always going to spread plenty of rumors.


I will take note to say that Corso explains in his book that these grey creatures were created in order to work and do some specific things. Corso believed that those who created them were actually extraterrestrial beings. 


Corso says that no one has ever seen the real and authentic aliens but some of us have actually seen these grey creatures because they don’t hide as much as the authentic aliens as after all, they’re just slaves you could say. In the autopsy report he discovered that, indeed, these grey creatures were designed to travel for very long distances in order to find life around the universe. 


The doctors that were looking at the corpses and inspecting them did not know what they contained. They had never seen anything as advanced and all of it was completely new to science. The organic and non-organic cells did not exist on our planet. 


Corso noticed that the components found in the bodies of the grey creatures were combinations and mixtures of several generations of cells. Creating them wasn’t easy at all, as you could see that there were numerous tries.


Probably the most interesting statements that Corso made was how he explained the way that their bodies and organism worked. He said that they didn’t have a digestive system. The manner in which they regulated their organic compounds and got rid of their biological entities was through their skin.


Their skin was able to breathe and to throw away everything the body did not need as there were no digestive or waste systems. This outer protective covering or skin is fundamental for the development of new technologies and ways of life as it is a very interesting concept that could be use in modern science to heal numerous illnesses such as skin cancer. 


It’s been more than twenty years since the book “The Day After Roswell” was published, but people still feel very out of place and triggered by it. They constantly want to know more about it, as well as about the other occurrences that had happened throughout Philip Corso’s life. 


We may never know if what Corso said he saw and investigated was real. There are so many details in his story that they could hardly be invented. On the other side, there are millions of people around the globe that have had UFO experiences.  If Corso was summoned in a court of law to be a witness his impeccable reputation would make a jury believe him in a heartbeat. So, why not now?