What is alienxpO?

AlienXPO is not your typical event surrounding UFO and alien phenomena. If you attended our first event you know that it mirrored other events of this kind having more of a “festival” atmosphere. While this may appeal to some we found that it doesn’t fit with our vision to produce exclusive events that attract those that take the phenomena seriously because we take it seriously. You’ll get to enjoy lectures from the top UFO researchers in the world in a more intimate setting with no more than 250 people. To give you a more VIP experience you'll also be provided a continental breakfast, lunch and unlimited beverages. No passes will be sold at the door and MUST be purchased before the deadline in advance.  

Who Should Come?

Our events are aimed at adults that are serious about the subject matter being presented. It's a given that if you've attended any type of UFO Conference or have the slightest interest in extraterrestrial phenomena, UFO research at all you should be here! Those that love Ancient Aliens wil not want to miss this! Those that attend MUFON meetings and conferences should attend. If you've always wanted to see evidence surrounding some of the most spectacular UFO sightings and UFO events from history this is for you. Those that love sci-fi events, Fanboy or attend other comic cons this is definitely right up your alley as well. Also, unlike The Storm Area51 Facebook Event this event is REAL! But really, it’s for anyone that loves to experience new things and have fun!

What To Expect?

You’ll enjoy a VIP experience all while taking in eye-opening lectures on everything from stunning UFO sightings, abductions & experiments, alien technology and other intriguing phenomena from the TOP researchers in the world. A small number of handpicked vendors will be brought in for you to pick up some cool alien merchandise and more. Follow AlienXPO on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.


No video or audio recorders allowed inside the event space and lecture hall. Violators will be asked to leave.

Are freelance photographers allowed To take pictures and sell them to attendees?

No, only official AlienXPO staff photographers are allowed to take guest photos for purchase.



No, passes can only be purchased online.


The price includes admission to your chosen event along with a continental breakfast, lunch and unlimited beverages!

Can I get my book signed by a chosen speaker?

Sure! Just bring it along with you!